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Chat & Forum Services

These chat or forum services will appear as if they are coming from your servers and have the look and feel like your site. These services will be hosted on our servers, but your site does not have to be, to use any of these capabilities.

The visual chat is Interactive,with preset meeting rooms, game, beach, club rooms and more. You can be linked into the public or private chat rooms. Your rooms can connect to the public areas if you desire. This is a good solution for sites that are limited in their capability, but not their vision. There are 13 avatars (cartoon puppets) that are standard on any chat.

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About Hosting Services

EZ has been hosting web sites for radio stations, newspapers, cities and fortune 500 companies for over 4 years. Using stable Unix, 2000 and NT technology we can support a range of languages and databases. The languages we support for hosting are, perl, php, asp, ihtml, html, jsp, JavaScript, java, python, xml and sql.

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