Website Services (ASP)

Bundles & Packages

Get your ASP services in a bundle, for large or highly interactive sites. All matching the look and feel of your site.

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Website Services

We have a range of hosted services that can be added to your existing site. These services will appear as if they are coming from your servers, and look and feel like your site. The website services will be hosted on our servers, but your site does not have to be, to use any of these capabilities. There are over 30 modules available. Here is a partial list of our current ASP hosted services.

Webmail, (visual & text) chat, forums, job post, calendar, news, trivia, FAQ, surveys, votes, polls, Dear Abby/Robertla/Linda, classifieds, resource links, e-commerce (simple or complex), image archive, photo gallery, members login, join system, simple counter, remote log reports, server/site up reports.

All can be pointed to by a IP url and skinned to match the site. The core services; databases, admin would remain on our servers, but it will appear that the ASP Service would be coming from the your site. IP addresses can also be hidden in framesets if a IP is not acceptable.

All of EZ administratively controlled hosted services have built in help to aid you in the process of entering information. All of our systems are designed for the knowledge level of a secretary to control and update. No programming required.

You can add as many or few ASP modules to your basket as you like. Or check our our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages

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