Development Services

To produce effective online products, multiple disciplines are needed; a marketing approach, clean effective design, extensive technical knowledge, development in key programming languages, being comfortable with various media types, and the means to move large amounts of data up to the net. Oh, there can be a few extras, high-end database integration, multimedia and animation experience, in-house hosting servers and mail servers, and a good dose of common sense. We don’t push technology for technologies sake, it must be a solution to a problem.

Speak about technology, for those who need to know, we are versed in; ASP, C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, SQL, CGIs, C-Shell, OBDC, SSL, Java, Perl, HTTP, ICL, HTML, iHTML, VRML, XML, Tcl, Lingo, AppleScript, POP, PostScript, Oracle, Sybase, dBase, and any database or hardware platform you might have.

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