About Hosting Services

EZ has been hosting web sites for radio stations, newspapers, cities and fortune 500 companies for over 4 years. Using stable Unix, 2000 and NT technology we can support a range of languages and databases. The languages we support for hosting are, perl, php, asp, ihtml, html, jsp, JavaScript, java, python, xml and sql.

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About EZ

What Do We Do?



At EZ Internet Solutions, we build revenue producing, content slinging, bandwidth busting, Internet businesses.

What Does That Mean?



The goal of every business is to achieve a profit. To receive a return on investment. Our first goal on any web development project is, “How can what we produce?”, increase sales, decrease cost, enhance communication, advertising and customer relations. To create improved channels for work flow or document distribution.

That’s first.

Second, As all the experts have rightly stated, “On the Web, Content is King!” We advise on the correct mix and amount of content your project should provide on the Web. How this content is presented, and new ways of simplifying the delivery, of the right message, to your customer. Sounds like marketing, or maybe advertising.
Well it is.

Bandwidth busting means maximizing the available communication channel with the customer, with the most appropriate message for the target market. “That Message” can be presented in a simple e-mail newsletter or contain audio samples of the latest music CD with 10 seconds of the video to view before buying. We can offer any level of interactivity needed to convey your message or train your employees.

Why Do We Do It?

Business, it’s in our name and growing businesses with advertising, marketing and good design is what our founder has been doing for 30 years. We believe something very rare is occurring; in recent history, every 40-50 years a major media change based on technology has occurred. Just like in the early days of radio and later television, new industries previously unthought of will grow and develop into tremendous companies. Look at Google, AOL, Amazon Books, 1-800-Flowers and Yahoo. Remember the “Web” did not exist 25 years ago.

We build business, not cutesy sites with flaming web pages. If it has a purpose, and has to perform we will make it happen.

How Do We Do It?

To produce effective online products, multiple disciplines are needed; a marketing approach, clean effective design, extensive technical knowledge, development in key programming languages, being comfortable with various media types, and the means to move large amounts of data up to the net. Oh, there can be a few extras, high-end database integration, multimedia and animation experience, in-house hosting servers and mail servers, and a good dose of common sense. We don’t push technology for technologies sake, it must be a solution to a problem.

Speak about technology, for those who need to know, we are versed in; Java, Perl, C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, SQL, CGIs, C-Shell, OBDC, SSL, HTTP, ICL, HTML, iHTML, VRML, XML, Tcl, Lingo, AppleScript, POP, PostScript, Oracle, Sybase, dBase, and any database or hardware platform you might have.

What's The Difference?

There are two very simple needs for any web venture. It must posses value; in content, approach and design. Meaning it must have a reason to exist. Second, it must be found. A wonderfully designed site that cannot be found is a failure. And a badly produced site, that is linked everywhere, will quickly convey a negative impression, and “anti-market” your company.

We create marketing plans, ad campaigns for your online business, multifaceted to guarantee results. These can include online public relations, press releases, direct e-mail, banner advertisement, link trades, and search engine registration. We possess Programmers, Data Entry Operators, and Award Winning Designers, we have the team you need. You might be that one mans’ shop only customer, but we can leverage our research and development on multiple sites to give you the competitive advantage.

Eventually every company will be represented on the Internet. We want to be your Web division, without the division cost. In the war of business, the Internet can be the greatest weapon in your marketing arsenal, don’t meet the competition with inferior weapons.

To contact us call: 1-404-399-8340
Or E-Mail us: Info@EnterZone.com

For anyone within walking distance
our address is:
EZ Internet Solutions
Atlanta, GA

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State of EZ Hosted Sites: 12-19-2011

As of the difficulties of the December 12 outage, we have restored email, hosting for most of the sites with EZ. Webmail is also avaialbe for all of the sites. You can access your webmail using webmail.YOURDOMAIN.COM subsituting the YOURDOMAIN.COM for our site domain. Please use your full email and password to log-in. We migrated your email passwords to the new system, but if you are having problems we can reset them for you.

Some sites will receive calls of emails, concerning their current state. Sites that are behind in payment will not be restored. Current customers and domains are the ones we are focusing on.

You can reach us using the Contact Us form above.

Thank you for your concern and help.

Leadership of EZ Internet Solutions.

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Server Outage: Dec, 12, 2011

We are experiencing a major server outage. This is affecting email and website services.

Some of the websites have been restored on a new server. Those customers will receive email, control panel and FTP info for the new server. To connect directly, use your full email address for the login, and your previous password. For the incoming and outgoing servers use mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM , replacing the your domain with your primary website domain hosted at EZ. Thank you for your patience.

Support Phone Number: 404-399-8340
Email: webmaster@enterzone.com

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